Evaluation of Customer Experience

January 12, 2010

I was recently sent a YouTube video that was a music video by Röyksopp named Remind Me. Now you may remember this song as it was in a GEICO commercial with the caveman in an airport on a moving walkway. Normally I’m not one to share YouTube videos, let alone music videos, however, this one caught my attention, in relation to a customers experience.

The music video utilizes a simple graphics engine to derive the experience of a female human through a normal work day. In this walk through life, you see how systems integrate with each other and are reliant upon each other. When a company conducts a market feasibility analysis it is key to understand how it fits into the life cycle of the consumer.

Apple does a great job of this with new products. They understand that technology is meant to augment one’s life and not inconvenience it. Perhaps watching this video can remind you to take your customers experience into consideration in your next venture.

Watch it in Full-screen to really see the detail.


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