Is there a tech debate about Apple? Google? Microsoft? Facebook? or is there something else.

June 7, 2010

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Recently, I was engaged in a spirited debate about the iPhone 4, and whether or not it was a killer phone or a disappointment. With the iPhone 4GS, the market capitalization of Apple has surpassed Microsoft taking it to the 2nd largest in the world. If you’ve watched the WWDC or announcement, I’m sure you’ve thought about the competition of Apple, Google, Facebook, and all these companies on different markets competition against each other. But is there really a debate?

I personally don’t think so. I think you can compare all you want, but what are you are trying to achieve with the technology is what is most important.  So is anyone actually delivering what you want?

Many people might say yes, that these companies are producing what you need and want and they are advancing the way we live our lives with every iteration and with good competition.

I think that these products are fine, but I believe that there is development of technology that will much more dramatically shape our lives than these titans of technology. In fact, this new generation of technology is already making more decisions that are impacting your daily lives than you can imagine.

A.I., artificial intelligence.

There are several financial reports that state that over 2/3rds of the financial markets are now being traded and/or decisions being made by machine. Why does this make any difference to you? It may not today, but the growth of AI’s influence is undeniable and may start making its way into mainstream consumer products sooner than you think. But, will it come from Apple, Facebook, or Google? I don’t think so. The leaders in AI come from two major industries – gaming and hedge funds.

Do you remember when Apple started to talk about the iPhone, as a computer company, and all the phone companies laughed? It can happen the same way where many people may laugh when a hedgefund or a gaming company says that they’re going to be utilizing their AI to start developing consumer applications and products. True AI will be a world changing paradigm shift that probably won’t come out of Silicon Valley. It’ll may be from Renaissance Technologies, the most successful hedge fund utilizing the most advance AI known. Many of the engineering advances in AI will be exponential as we become reliant on these pieces of technology.

I think that most of these Sci-Fi technologies will not come from the existing players in the technology market place that we are used to seeing, but in the heavy AI focused industries such as hedgefunds and the gaming industry that utilize heavy quantitative algorithms already. Investing time, effort, and energy into learning about AI and its advances will be key to staying ahead, because when you can’t stay ahead, your AI will be able to.

So take a pause on Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other players of technology, look at what’s really happening in the market place.

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