Learn how to Focus on key decisions

November 20, 2010

Great Decisions
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By Marcia W. Blenko, Michael C. Mankins and Paul Rogers

Some decisions clearly stand out as important. They’re the big, high-value strategic choices made in every part of the organization. Senior leaders decide whether to make a big acquisition. IT decides whether to invest in a major systems upgrade.

But many organizations overlook a second category that can be equally significant: operating decisions that seem small but that are made and remade frequently and generate a lot of value over time. Most companies have a similar set of decisions made day in and day out by people close to the frontlines of the business.

To identify the key decisions in these two categories, you can use a tool we call decision architecture that we describe in our book, Decide & Deliver, and on the website www.decide-deliver.com. The result is a list of your critical decisions?the top 20 or 30 decisions that must work well for the business to succeed. Once you know your critical decisions, you can identify how well they are working and take the right actions to improve them.

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